Snake Trap - Snake Removal

SNAKE TRAP ™ is a professional-grade snake capture and removal device. It was designed by a professional snake removal expert in the state of Florida, and has been field tested and refined over five years of snake trapping and removal. This trap has successfully caught and removed hundreds of snakes - from yards, gardens, lakes, garages, basements, porches, swimming pool enclosures, etc. However, we do not feel good about outdoor use, because other small critters can get stuck on the glue and that is inhumane. This trap works very well for snakes stuck inside houses. It is easy to use and safe for amateurs who have never or would never touch a snake in their lives. It's designed to remove unwanted snakes from the property, and it works!
  • Durable - withstands all types of weather, works indoors or outdoors.
  • Effective - highest success rate of any snake trap due to design features.
  • Versatile - can catch multiple small snakes or snakes up to five feet.
  • Works 24/7 - set it and catch snakes whenever they roam, day or night.
  • Easy to Use - just set it wherever you've seen unwanted snakes.
  • Safe - trapped snakes are alive, but completely immobilized.
  • Humane - allows you to safely relocate the snake if you wish.
  • Excellent price - priced very reasonably compared to other products.
Why is this trap so effective? The secret lies in the trap design and in the Snake-Attract-Dots ™. This trap is designed to lure in nearby snakes. They are drawn in by the scent on the dots as well as the internal design features that mimic the natural denning areas that snakes prefer. Once they enter, they are trapped and incapacitated by the special biosafe adhesive inside the trap. The snake is alive and safe, but rendered immobile.

The scent in the traps is not strong enough to lure in snakes from long distances, but will encourage any snakes that are using your property (or house) as habitat to enter. Snakes smell by flicking their tongues and processing the scent with the Jacobsen's Organ. The design of the trap means that once the snake is safely ensnared inside, it cannot get out, and it cannot attack. It is also protected from the elements or predators, in case you want to relocate the snake instead of killing it.


General Product Information The trap is 18" long by 10" wide by 2" tall. This size is suitable to catch about 95% of the snakes currently in the wild. I've caught snakes up to 5' with this trap. The snakes are always coiled up on the adhesive when I check the traps (like the 4' black snake in the above photo). This trap won't catch a huge fat snake, such as a very long and thick boa constrictor. But it has caught rattlesnakes of several types, water moccasins, coral snakes, etc. The trap is made of durable plastic, and it will not corrode or break down, and it withstands any kind of weather. The trap works in wet and dry environments, indoors and outdoors. It can be re-used again, as long as you remove any captured snakes first. Removing them is safe and easy.

What do I do with it when I catch it? The trap comes with detailed instructions. You'll want to identify the snake. Venomous snakes are rare, but if you have in fact caught a venomous snake, then exercise extreme caution. You might want to call a local wildlife removal expert to come get it. If you've caught a non-venomous snake, which is most likely the case, please relocate it. It's easy to do! Snakes will not attack unless provoked (picked up, basically). Just bring the trap to a relocation place at least a mile away, and spray the snake liberally with cooking oil, or pour cooking oil over the snake, and it will work itself free in minutes. It's fun to watch! Once it has slithered off, just retrieve the trap. You can rinse off the cooking oil and use the trap again.

What are my options instead of trapping? You could always leave the snake alone, and avoid getting close to it or in contact with it. However, if it's on your property and using your yard or house as part of its habitat, you'll probably see it repeatedly. You could also call a local wildlife pro to come get the snake - just be aware that he might not arrive in time to actually peform a snake removal by hand or snake tong. There are various snake repellents sold, but I've been trying them for years, and none of the ones sold online work, I guarantee that. Go ahead and try them - snakes will slither right over and past them without a second thought. You could also try general snake prevention techniques. This means elminating the habitat that snakes like - shrubs, woodpiles, debris, and gaps under concrete.

I personally believe in snake trapping as the most effective means of snake control. Traps are at work 24/7, unlike wildlife removal professionals, and a lot cheaper. And they work repeatedly, while a pro will charge for every service visit. I also think that traps are a far better option than repellents, because repellents don't work. Most of the snake repellents that I've seen sold online are made from napthalene - mothballs! These are toxic to the environment, and in my repeated testing, they don't work. I once poured half a container of snake repellent down a snake den, and they didn't care - they just kept going in and out without issue. With traps, you're sure to get the snake and you're able to remove it from the property for good!


1) How large of a snake can your trap catch?
Our trap can catch a snake up to 5 feet long and 2 inches in diameter.

2) How do I know if I have caught a snake?
From a couple feet away, simply look into the side of the trap and visually check for a snake. Once you have set a trap please check your trap every day for snakes.

3) Will this trap work for water snakes?
Yes, our trap will catch water snakes, though not while they are in the water. Water snakes spend much of their time on land so simply place the trap in a place where you have seen one of the water snakes on land.

4) I saw a snake that looks like x, y, and z, what kind of snake is it?
Without visually seeing the snake myself, I cannot identify the species of snake. Our trap comes with instructions on how to identify your snake. Or most online searches describing the appearance and markings of the snake will yield good results.

5 ) Is your trap money-back guaranteed?
No. Our trap has been used successfully for years in the field by wildlife professionals but all of our sales of Snake Traps are final.

6) Is your trap reusable?
Yes! Our trap can be used about 3-4 times. Simply rinse off the trap well with water between uses and remove any large pieces of debris by hand.

7) Do the Snake-Attract Dots really work?
Yes, the scented dots really do work. The scent in the traps is not strong enough to lure in snakes from long distances, but will encourage any snakes that are using your property (or house) as habitat to enter. While the scent does fade with time, there will always be some remnant of scent remaining.

8) Is your trap safe to use around pets?
Yes, our trap is safe to use around pets. Because of the box design of our trap, animals such as cats and dogs can not access the glue board inside and are safe from getting stuck. In the unlikely event that a pet does become stuck on the glue board, simply spray oil on the glue to release the animal.

9) Do you take international orders?
Yes! Our $4.95 shipping rate does not apply to international shipments. We use USPS International Priority mail and shipping costs will be quoted at current rates.
PLEASE NOTE: International customers are directly responsible for any and all duties and fees levied by the country of destination, for product delivery. No refunds or returns allowed on international shipments.

10) How quickly will my trap arrive?
Traps usually ship same day (Mon - Fri), and arrive in 2-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail from Seattle, WA. International shipments arrive in 6-10 business days.

If you have any other questions, email us at buysnaketrap@gmail.com or call (we no longer accept phone orders).