How To Identify a Snake

You can visit this site for a very good snake identification tool. Or see my Florida snake photos page for 80 of my best photographs.

Or, most online searches describing the appearance and markings of the snake will yield good results. For example, you could type, "black snake white belly" or "yellow snake with stripes".

Or better yet, just take a digital photo of the snake, and email it to buysnaketrap@gmail.com and we will tell you exactly which snake you've caught!

Overall, venomous snakes tend to be a bit thicker, or have very broad heads, or have rattles on their tails. But there are of course exceptions. The rule of "triangular head" does not apply, as many harmless snakes have triangular heads. The best way to know is by knowledge or research. And of course, if in doubt, leave the snake alone! Most snake bites occur when people try to grab or kill snakes!

The rhyme for white and red and black snakes - There is no standard rhyme for a snake with white, red, and black markings, though you could easily make up one if you wanted to. If you are looking for information on the classic snake rhyme, the species it is referring to is the coral snake of North America. Be advised: All coral snakes are deadly, and not all coral snakes around the world can be identified by the child’s song. The rhyme, regardless of version, holds these same components: Red touches yellow, kills a fellow. Red touches black, safe for Jack. There are a number of ways to say the same rhyme, but the color scheme is what is important. The milk snake is a harmless, brightly colored animal usually confused with a deadly coral snake. While there is no harm in avoiding a milk snake because you think it is dangerous, making the mistake from the opposite standpoint would be disastrous. You should also make sure your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Yellow and white can be very easily confused when out in direct sunlight. When in doubt, never handle a snake. In fact, there is rarely a reason to handle a snake at all. If you want the creature off your property, purchase a snake trap or hire a professional.

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