Please Don't Kill Snakes!

Snakes are unfortunate victims of irrational fears. You've probably found this site because you want to get rid of snakes on your property, or maybe in your house. If that's your wish, I understand, especially if the snake has made its way inside your house. Some people are simply uncomfortable with snakes, or downright scared, and can't help it. But please be aware that most snake species are harmless. In fact, most are good for the environment! They eat rats and mice, they're clean, and they're a sign of a healthy ecosystem. If you don't want them around, I highly advise that you DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL SNAKES. Most snakebites occur when people try to handle or kill snakes. If you just leave the snake alone, you'll be better off. If you must remove it, I recommend that you call a professional who does not kill, or use our safe snake trap. Our trap completely ensnares snakes, and you can then take the trap to a relocation point far away, spray some cooking oil (such as PAM) on the snake, and it will work itself free in a minute or two. It will slither off, and you can retrieve the trap, rinse it off, and use it again. Just please think twice before attempting to kill any unwanted snakes.

How to identify a snake: You can visit this site for a very good snake identification tool. Or see my Florida snake photos page for 80 of my best photographs. Or, most online searches describing the appearance and markings of the snake will yield good results. For example, you could type, "black snake white belly" or "yellow snake with stripes". Or better yet, just take a digital photo of the snake, and email it to buysnaketrap@gmail.com and we will tell you exactly which snake you've caught!

Overall, venomous snakes tend to be a bit thicker, or have very broad heads, or have rattles on their tails. But there are of course exceptions. The rule of "triangular head" does not apply, as many harmless snakes have triangular heads. The best way to know is by knowledge or research. And of course, if in doubt, leave the snake alone! Most snake bites occur when people try to grab or kill snakes! Below are some photos of common non-venomous snakes, including, on the left, the common Garter Snake.

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How to exterminate snakes - Exterminating snakes is not necessary. Even venomous snakes are beneficial to a property. Large snakes eat rodents, a much more dangerous animal when you speak about your home care. Rodents inside a building will destroy insulation, wiring, duct work, and support beams. You will find yourself battling with disease-ridden fecal material. Snakes keep these little buggers under control. Even small snakes do a good part in pest management by eating insects. No, you do not want to exterminate snakes. You can get rid of them rather easily, just by making some modifications to your property. You canít have a yard littered with junk and expect to be free from snakes. Do not leave items in your yard that can be picked up or carted to a junk yard. Snakes will hide under anything that can conceal them. Any gaps or openings in walls, fences, sheds, and steps must be sealed. To prevent snakes from even getting that close to those items, you need to keep your grass mowed, your edges trimmed, and your gardens under control. Nothing invites snakes into a property faster than thick vegetation.

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